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HDI Governance
Determination and ethics

HDI Governance

HDI has strict norms, following the rules of the insurance market along with others that directly influence the company (Compliance), especially under our Code of Ethics, which guides HDI’s relationship with its clients, agents, providers and employees.

The interaction with all these audiences is of fundamental importance to ensure good market practices are effectively valid, and accordingly, we created several communication channels which remain open to listen to our clients and stakeholders.

Along with the Contact Us, we have also contracted an independent Ombudsman. We offer a Denunciation Line, in which it is possible to denounce fraud, corruption, violation of company norms, abuse of power and other acts repudiated both by HDI and the public. Just call +55 0800 770 47 17. Other than the national channel, our german headquarters have also created the BKMs® denunciation system, which may also be used.

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