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HDI Sponsorships
Promoting cultural enrichment

HDI Sponsorships

The HDI Group believes in the importance of companies in relation to social development. From this philosophy, we have actively invested in different forms of culture and innovation, through actions that aim to integrate different social strata and, above all, promote the cultural enrichment of our country. Learn more about the main campaigns that counted with HDI Insurance’s involvement and sponsorship.

The girls from room 28 (As meninas do quarto 28) – A portrait of the movie story of faith and triumph of 15 girls who survived the Holocaust. The exhibition shows, through the drawings of Jewish girls, the day-to-day lives of nearly 50 children who lived in the Theresinstadt camp during World War II.

Schurmann Family – The first Brazilians to complete a circumnavigation of the world in a sailboat, the Schurmanns have already crossed the 3 oceans and 7 continents. Aiming to unveil the secrets and mysteries of the seas from the oriental perspective, the family has sailed in an unique adventure, dubbed Orient Expedition (Expedição Oriente).

Descida das Escadas de Santos – Inspired in international competitions, the Descida das Escadas de Santos (“Descent of Santos’ Stairs”) is considered one of the main stages of the world cycling circuit. The trial was first promoted in Brasil in 2003, in the city of Santos, and gathers cyclers from all over the world. HDI is a sponsor since its seventh installment, in 2010.

Buddy Bears – The over 140 sculptures of the Buddy Bears represent each a country recognized by the United Nations. Standing up, pacifically hand-to-hand, they promote tolerance and understanding between nations and cultures, and they count with HDI’s sponsorships.

Atlético Paranaense – Soccer and cars are among the greatest national passions. From this idea comes the initiative of a partnership between the Clube Atlético Paranaense and HDI Seguros. The team had its shirts stamped between 2008 and 2010, and it proved an efficient way of exposing the HDI brand to a new public.



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