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HDI’s Values

Entrepreneurial action and mindset inside the HDI Group

We think and act responsibly, and anticipate our objectives in a visionary way. We conduct our professional activities as if it was our own business. This way, we work aiming to solve problems in the simplest form available. We embrace innovative actions to reach new solutions. In case of a conflict of interests between different business units, the interests of the Talanx Group must prevail.

Oriented for results and performance

We are responsible for our results and achievements. We aggregate value to our clients. The quality of our processes is decisive for our long-term success. Teamwork and respect make the base of our mutual trust. In case of different opinions, we base ourselves on different perspectives for a continuous development.

Complete focus on the customers’ needs

We focus our energy in our clients and in the market. We treat each client with respect and deference, considering their needs. This applies both to our external clients – business partners and end customers – and to internal clients – our colleagues and employees. Our purpose is to find common solutions so we may balance individual interests.

Mutual trust and transparent communication

We are trustworthy, just and open to new ideas. These fundamental principles are applicable to all of Talanx Group’s business units, to our business partners, and to all our internal and external partners. In this partnership, we work together constructively, exchanging feedback in order to reach the best collective solutions. We focus on a common goal and treat each other respectfully, helpfully and appreciatively.

Customer Service

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