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Privacy Policy


1. Overall

HDI Insurance has a commitment with the privacy and safety of its clients and others who may use this website.

The objective of this policy is to inform in what ways data is obtained and how it is used upon the use of this website.

This policy does not refer to external sites that may be accessed through the use of this site, through links or other traffic sources, so each site’s policy should be viewed individually, if need be. HDI Insurance will not be held responsible for the content or privacy policy of other sites.

Upon visiting our website, you agree to the practices described in this policy privacy. It is recommended that you review this policy periodically, as if may be altered at any moment, if necessary.                                                                 

2. Data collection

You can navigate the HDI Insurance website without the need of providing any information.

We will request your information when you:

  • Use the “Contact Us” communication channel
  • Access the “Claims Service” channel
  • Send a message to the Ombudsman
  • Access the Insurance Agent or Service Provider closed areas
  • Other access forms that may be created, and that may need your personal information

Each of these services will require you to fill in some information for proper identification, such as, for example, contact telephone number, e-mail address etc.

3. Use of information

Any information requested of clients and any users of this website are the basic required for the fulfillment of the requested services. That information may also be used for statistical uses and for the improvement of our services.

All data will be handled by authorized and qualified personnel in order to perform the needed roles required of the progression of the correspondent subjects or businesses.

4. Safety

Other than the information provided by its clients and website users, HDI Insurance will register the internet address, operational system type and internet browser software type of the computers that access its website.

The personal information of clients and other users of this website will be collected and kept according to strict patterns of confidentiality and safety and will not be shared with third parties, except in the following cases:

  • It is expressly authorized by the client
  • By force of the law
  • In case of requests by the law, government or the regulating office of the insurance market (SUSEP – Superintendência de Seguros Privados or Superintendence of Private Insurance) or other legally constituted authority

All the data shared through our site undergoes encryption to protect you against undue use by third parties. We currently use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of data transmitted to us through the Internet.

Still, we recommend that you protect yourself from unauthorized access to your password and computer, since they are of your exclusive responsibility, through the following means, among others:

  • Make sure to log off whenever you end your sessions
  • Keep your anti-virus software active and updated
  • If possible, use a firewall
  • Pay attention to every file downloaded through the Internet and make sure to check them with the anti-virus. If the sender is unknown and the file is not directly addressed to the user, it is wise to delete the file or e-mail before even opening it. Filename extensions such as .exe, .scr, .zip – main virus formats – deserve special attention.

“Cookies” are small files sent by HDI Insurance to your computer, with the objective of making your next site visit faster and personalized. These files are stored in your computer, and contain only information regarding website visits and allow HDI Insurance to identify you and guarantee a personalized browsing experience. The “cookies” do not interfere in the content or working of your computer and do not store your personal information. If you prefer, you may suspend the use of “cookies” in your Internet browser. In pages in which e-mail and password are required, you will be the only one with access to the information. For your safety, keep strict confidence of your password, which is personal and untransferable.

Fulfillment of data protection regulations is supervised by the Compliance and Risk Management Administration. HDI Insurance will constantly evaluate the safety and privacy proceedings available to clients and visitors of this website.

5. Rights

All texts, images, sounds and/or applications shown in this website are protected by copyright, not being allowed the modification, reproduction, storage, transmission, copy, distribution, or any other forms of utilization for commercial means without the previous and formal consent of HDI Insurance.

Attempts of invading this website will be prosecuted accordingly to the legal rulings of damage, theft or any other legal classification that may correspond to the consequences of the invasion, according to the Brazilian penal code.