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HDI Auto Funcional
Take care of your employees’ vehicles as well

HDI Auto Funcional

Take care of the safety of the vehicles used by your company’s employees with HDI Auto Funcional. Custom, easy to contract coverage.

You can also learn more about HDI Auto and check some safety tips here.


Susep Process:
Products HDI Auto Perfil, HDI Auto and HDI Auto Funcional: 15414.001197/2004-41
The registry of this plan in SUSEP does not imply, by part of the autarchy, any incentive or recommendation of its commercialization.



  • Vehicle coverage - Coverage of vehicle considering referred or determined market value.
  • Liability coverage - Guarantees reimbursement of indemnity paid to third-parties due to material or bodily harm caused by the insured.
  • Passengers’ Personal Accidents - Covers death/permanent incapacitation of any person transported in the vehicle, as a consequence of a traffic accident.



  • Perimetrical Extension to the Countries on the Three Americas - Basic vehicle coverage extension in cases of accidents in countries in South, Central and North America.
  • Accessories - Protection to radio/CD player, armoring and vehicular gas kit.
  • New Car Substitution - Substitution, in case of total indemnity, by the market value of the new car according to the reference table, according to the contracted percentage.
  • Extra Expenses - Payment of extra expenses that would be directly related to the insured vehicle, exclusively in case of total indemnity.
  • Moral Damages - Reimbursement of indemnity for moral damages that the insured may be obligated to pay due to lawsuits related to accidents with the insured vehicle.
  • Extension of Bodily Harm to Chairpersons, Associates, Employees and Representatives - Extension of the RCF-V (Bodily Harm) coverage to the chairpersons, associates, employees and representatives of the insured, as well as to people who may depend on the insured economically.
  • Perimetrical Extension to Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina - RCF-V (Bodily Harm) coverage, in case of accident within some of the borderline cities in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, in a course within up to 50 km from the entrance point in the other country.
  • Safe Driver - Pending insurance premium discharge in case of the death of the insuerd. If renewed with HDI, the renewal premium will be discharged.
  • Medical-Hospital Expenses - Reimbursement of medical-hospital expenses of any passenger present in the interior of the affected vehicle.


Ask your insurance agent about other coverage options.

The 24-Hour Assistance services guarantee your peace in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. See below some of the benefits to which you are entitled in the insurance contract:

  • Tow truck
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Taxi
  • Tire Change
  • Locksmith
  • Lack of fuel
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