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HDI Condominium
The ideal flexibility you need

HDI Condomínio

HDI Condomínio has the ideal flexibility so condominiums, condominium managers and administrators can customize the policy with the coverages that best fit their needs.

Always with a fast service, it also considers a single insured budget, protecting the building as well as machines, equipments, furniture and household goods.

Be it residential, commercial or mixed, your condominium gets discounted prices on the policy renovation and also for any fire or theft protection systems installed.


Susep Processes:
HDI Condomínio - Simples: 15414.002159/2005-97
HDI Condomínio - Ampla: 15414.002960/2011-81
The registry of this plan in SUSEP does not imply, by part of the autarchy, any incentive or recommendation of its commercialization.




  • Fire, lightning strike and explosions of any nature. 



  • Light Signaling
  • 24-hour Home Assistance
  • Electrical Damage
  • Sprinkler spill
  • Employee Fidelity
  • Vehicle impact and aircraft crash
  • Window breakage
  • Document Recomposition
  • Condominium Liability
  • Employer Liability
  • Operations Liability
  • Condominium Manager Liability
  • Gates Liability
  • Vehicle Liability
  • Larceny in the condominium
  • Robbery         
  • Riots, strikes and lock-out
  • Windstorm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, hail and smoke
  • Employee Group Life


To learn more about other coverage options, talk to your insurance agent. 

HDI Condomínio also brings several assistance services that guarantee safety and tranquility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Read more in 24-Hour Assistance General Conditions

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