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HDI Transporte
A complete, smart insurance plan

HDI Transporte

The transportation market has specific characteristics that demand an unique coverage plan.

With complete, custom protection, both for your cargo and vehicles, as well as your company’s employees, HDI Transporte is the best option to guarantee the security your business requires, be it for aquatic, terrestrial or aerial transportation.



Operational simplification is one of HDI Transporte’s key features. Specialized service and policies can be tailored to reduce or substitute the actual process of registration. This customization may be done, after risk assessment, through a monthly reporting system, a premium adjustment system based on the insured’s annual transportation forecast and electronic data transfer systems.



Through unique electronic systems for each kind of insurance, HDI Transporte may provide the following means of shipment registration:

HDI TRI - Offline Electronic Registration System that will extract data directly from SISCOMEX, in importing insurance.

HDI AT&M - Offline Electronic Registration System in which are registered all shipments in during terrestrial transportation for transportation insurance in national territory.

HDI CITNET - Online Electronic Registration System that facilitates shipment registration during terrestrial transportation for transportation insurance in national territory, directly in HDI Insurance’s website.

For more information, talk to your insurance agent or contact one of our subsidiaries.


Susep Processes:

Transporte Nacional / Internacional: 15414.000953/2008-49
Resp. Civil do Transportador Rodoviário - Carga: 15414.003122/2005-86
Resp. Civil por Desaparecimento de Carga - RCF-DC: 15414.002382/2011-82
Resp. Civil do Transportador Aéreo - Carga: 15414.004650/2008-03
Resp. Civil do Armador Carga - RCA-C: 15414.004652/2008-94
Resp. Civil do Transportador Rodoviário em Viagem Internacional - Danos à Carga: 10.004360/01-06

The registry of this plan in SUSEP does not imply, by part of the autarchy, any incentive or recommendation of its commercialization.

An specialized team at the disposal of your company, ready to help in several situations:

  • Unloading assistance in the main Brazilian ports.
  • A network of international services.
  • 24-hour on the road assistance for all national territory. In case of claim predicted in the policy, all the driver needs to do is call the 24-Hour Customer Service Center.
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