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HDI Auto Perfil
Protection on the exact measure for your vehicle.

Have you ever thought about having a totally customizable auto insurance? HDI has!

At HDI you can have an auto insurance that is totally customized to your needs and your driver profile.

HDI Auto Perfil offers special coverage that takes into account your routine and the way the vehicle is used. Thus, you have more benefits for a fair price, in addition to agile and efficient services that ensure your peace-of-mind when facing unexpected events.


  • Vehicle coverage- Comprehensive hull coverage at reference market price or a defined value.
  • Third-Party Coverage - Guarantees reimbursement of indemnity paid to third-parties due to a material or bodily injury caused by the insured.
  • Passenger Personal Accident - Covers death/permanent disability of any person transported in the vehicle, as a consequence of a traffic accident.



  • Territory Extension to Three Americas - Extension of the basic hull coverage in case of accidents in countries of South, Central and North America.
  • Accessories - Protection to radio/CD player, shielding and gas kit.
  • Replacement of New Vehicle - Replacement in case of full indemnity, as per market value for a new vehicle, applying the contracted percentage.
  • Additional Expenses - Payment of additional expenses that are directly related to the insured vehicle, exclusively in case of full indemnity.
  • Personal Injury - Reimbursement of indemnity for personal injuries that the insured is required to pay due to lawsuits related to accidents with the insured vehicle.
  • Extension of Bodily Injury to Directors, Partners, Employees, and Agents - Extension of RCF-V (Bodily Injury) coverage to directors, partners, employees and agents of the insured and those that economically depend on the insured.
  • Territory Extension to Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina - RCF-V Coverage (Bodily Injury), in case of accidents in cities at the border of Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, in a course within up to 50 km from the entrance point of the other country.
  • Medical-Hospital Expenses - Reimbursement related to medical-hospital expenses of any passenger present inside the loss vehicle.

The 24-Hour Assistance services assure your tranquility in case of mishaps and situations of emergency. Check some of the benefits available to you when contracting the insurance:

  • Tow
  • Auto-Aid
  • Taxi
  • Tire Change
  • Locksmith
  • Fuel Starvation


To know more about other options, talk to your broker. HDI Auto Perfil  always has a perfect solution for you!

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