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All the care that the best place in the world deserves.


Your home is the best place in the world. So there’s nothing more important than the peace of knowing that it is protected against any unforeseen problems.

HDI EM CASA offers custom coverages that guarantee the safety of the property you live or spend your holidays in, either as owner or tenant.

The contract is simple: just pick the coverage that best fits what you need in order to maintain the structure and everything that is inside it protected. And you can even get discounts in case you have fire and theft protection devices, and also through the fidelity in insurance renewals.


Susep Processes
HDI Residência: 15414.002160/2005-11

The registry of this plan in SUSEP does not imply, by part of the autarchy, any incentive or recommendation of its commercialization.


  • Fire, lightning strike and explosions of any nature.



  • 24-hour Home Assistance
  • Electrical damage
  • Electronic equipment and appliances
  • Vehicle impact and aircraft crash
  • Loss or payment of rent to third-party
  • Window breakage
  • Familiar liability
  • Theft and robbery
  • Riots and strikes
  • Windstorm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, hail and smoke

To learn more about other coverage options, talk to your insurance agent. HDI Residência always hasthe perfect solution for you.

When you contract HDI Home, you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of the 24-Hour Home Assistance, with several emergency services to care for your home.

Read more in 24-Hour Assistance General Conditions.

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