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Get to know more about “HDI FIT”


With the HDI FIT insurance, you can protect your vehicle or motorcycle according to your needs and at a competitive price.

HDI FIT offers essential coverage, and in some cases a monitoring equipment is provided as a loan for use, free from charges, assuring increased security for you and your vehicle.

You can also count on quality services, and fast, efficient service in case of claim.


Susep Procedures:

Products HDI Auto Perfil [Auto Profile], HDI Auto, HDI Auto Funcional [Auto Functional], HDI Moto and HDI FIT:



The registration of this plan with SUSEP does not imply, by the agency, an stimulation or recommendation to its commercialization.

Basic Coverage

Vehicle / motorcycle coverage - Coverage of the vehicle in case of fire, theft, or robbery, with the option of additional coverage for total loss in case of collision.

Coverage against Third Parties - Guarantees reimbursement of indemnity paid to third-parties due to material or bodily harm caused by the insured.


Additional Coverage

Personal Injury - Reimbursement of indemnity for personal injury that the insured may be obligated to pay due to lawsuits related to accidents with the insured motorcycle.

The 24-Hour Assistance services assure your tranquility in case of mishaps and situations of emergency. Check some of the benefits available to you when contracting the insurance:

Tow service option with 100km, 300km or without mileage limit.


Tire change

Fuel Starvation

Locksmith, among others.

Customer Service

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